Leave Her to Heaven

Did he ever tell you
about Enid Sothern?

- Who?
- Enid Sothern.

I don't especially recall he did.
Who was she?

Oh, nobody in particular, I guess.
Just school stuff.
I'll take those.
- Thorne, do you dream a lot?
- Never.

I had the most awful nightmare
last night.

We were out in the skiff, my husband
and I, and he jumped in for a swim.

But I was too lazy,
so I just rowed after him.

Somehow I was afraid. When we got
to the middle of the lake...

...I thought it was time for him
to get in the boat.

So I decided to call out to him,
but I had no voice.

Suddenly, Richard went under,
not diving, but the way seals do...

...just sort of settling in the water.
Then he came up again,
and one of his arms flung out to me...

...as if he were trying to call to me.
I tried to row to him, but the lake
was like glue. The boat wouldn't move.

My arms were paralyzed.
Then he went down again...
...and this time he stayed down.
I reckon there's only one way left
for you to save his life.

- How?
- For you to wake up.

That's just what I did.
Come and get it!
- Come on in, Ellen!

The water's swell!
I guess we'd better go in.