Leave Her to Heaven

I can't help it.
It's only because I love you so.
I love you so I can't bear to share you
with anybody.

Well, the gal with the hoe.
You're doing a swell job.
It's easy here. You just put things
in the ground and they grow.

It's much harder by the sea
where we live.

Dick, when are you going to visit us
at Bar Harbor?

When I finish the book maybe.
I think you'll like it there.
We were talking about it this morning,
Mother and I.

We thought it might be a good idea
for Danny to go back with us.

The beach is lovely,
and we have a sailboat.

He'd have a wonderful time.
I'm sure he would.
There's a school too,
an excellent school.

Yes, I know.
Ellen told me all about it.

I'll have a talk with Danny.
Dick, as far as I've read, it's splendid.
Oh, well, just for that I'll dedicate
the book to you.

And what shall I say?
To my sweet, to my beautiful,
my discerning mother-in-law who...