Leave Her to Heaven

I'm sure he would.
There's a school too,
an excellent school.

Yes, I know.
Ellen told me all about it.

I'll have a talk with Danny.
Dick, as far as I've read, it's splendid.
Oh, well, just for that I'll dedicate
the book to you.

And what shall I say?
To my sweet, to my beautiful,
my discerning mother-in-law who...

Who advised me to dedicate
this book to my wife.

- I'll dedicate the next one to her.
- You dedicate them all to her.

I hope you'll send me the rest
when it's finished.

There are only
a few more chapters to write.

I'll wind it up before you leave.
That's hardly likely.
We're leaving Saturday.

Saturday? That's preposterous.
You've only been here a few days.

Yes, and they've been wonderful days.
Ruth and I shall never forget them.

But there are reasons
why we must be getting home.

- Does Ellen know you're leaving?
- I told her this morning.

Now, don't look so downcast, Dick.
In a way, mothers-in-law
are like children.

They should be seen and not heard...
...and not seen too much.
What's wrong with Ellen?
There's nothing wrong with Ellen.
It's just that she loves too much.
Perhaps that isn't good.
It makes outsiders of everyone else.

But she can't help it.
You must be patient with her.
She loved her father too much.