Leave Her to Heaven

Please, sit still.
How do you expect me...?

I can't help it. It tickles.
You'll just love our house by the sea.
There are rocks on one side
of the beach. When it's low tide...

...you can go there and watch
the anemones and ink-squids.

And there are the most wonderful shells
and pebbles, all sizes and colors.

Sounds swell.
Hold still.
How would you like to go
to Bar Harbor for a while?

I had a letter from Ruth,
and she'd love to have you.

I'd love to go.
With Dick, you mean?

He doesn't want to leave
until the new book's finished.

Then we can join you.
Well, I'd rather wait then...
...till we can all go together,
the three of us.

We wouldn't be separated for long,
just a few weeks.

No, I'd rather wait.
Can I swim all the way across today?
- Think you could make it?
- Why, sure.

I made it 3/4 yesterday
and wasn't a bit tired.

- All right.
- If I make it today...

...can we show Dick tomorrow?
- Yes, tomorrow.

We don't have to tell him how long
I've been practicing, do we?

No, we can just pretend you decided
to do it on the spur of the moment.

Yeah, that's what we'll do.
You know,
I can just see him watching now.

After a while he'll say,
"That's enough. Get back in the boat."

I'll pretend like I didn't hear him
and keep on going.

Are you ready?