Pursuit to Algiers

Now, gentlemen,
may I have your attention?

Certainly a forsaken
spot for an airfield.

Certainly is.
I feel like one of the
Babes in the Woods.

Lookout Holmes,
who's that?

I imagine we've
reached our destination.

Everything is
ready, Mr. Holmes.

Follow me.
Your Highness,
may I present
Mr. Sherlock Holmes?

How do you do, sir?
And Dr. Watson.
How do you do, sir?
Delighted to meet
you gentlemen.

I appreciate your kindness
in undertaking
this mission.

Not at all, sir.
I am sorry, Dr. Watson,
but I am afraid
you will not be able

to accompany
Mr. Holmes after all.

The plane we had
expected to use

developed engine trouble,
and this as you see
is only a three-seater.

Well, just a minute, sir.
Where Holmes
goes, I go, too.

Well, I know, I know, but.
Well, first we lose
our holiday, now this.

I don't like your going
off alone, Holmes,

I don't like it at all.
Come, now, Watson,
whatever we must do

in a good cause
must be done.

Look here, Rovenia
isn't very far

from the Mediterranean
and it has some
excellent fishing.

Why don't you take a
boat, I'll meet you there.

We'll have our
holiday after all?

Come to think of it,
there's a boat
sailing for the
Mediterranean tomorrow,

the Friesland,
Swedish African line,

cargo and passenger.
I have some influence
with the directors.

Well, that's very
kind of you, sir.

It's not just that I mind
giving up our fishing,

Holmes, you know
that, but hang it all,

I want to be of some use.
And you can
be, definitely.

I can be?
Would you
excuse us, sir?

I don't like this
convenient accident.

Too many people seem to
be in on this secret.

When our antagonists
discover we've separated,

it's more than likely
you'll be followed,

so I want you
to make yourself