Pursuit to Algiers

Well, I don't
think either of us

is going to get
much sleep tonight.

Oh, you mean that
woman's party?

Silly creature!
What on earth does she
want to give a party for?

It wasn't referring
to Mrs. Dunhams'
party, Watson,

deadly, as that
will undoubtedly be.

No, this is the
last opportunity

our three
friends will have

to prevent our
successfully carrying
out our mission.

We arrive at
Algiers late tonight.

Good morning, my dear.
I should say
the young lady

isn't looking forward
to arriving in Algiers

with any real
great pleasure.

Do you notice, Watson,
she hasn't let her music
case out of her sight

since our first meeting?
Well, now that you
mention it, yes.

I want you to
ask her to sing,

"Flow Gently Sweet Afton."
And if she
makes an excuse,

ask her if the music
is in that case,

leave the rest to me.
You will see an
interesting reaction.

I'll do it right now.
I still haven't heard
"Flow Gently Sweet Afton".

You promised to sing
it for me, you know.

Oh, I'm sorry,
I'm afraid I don't
know it from memory.

No, no, no, I won't
take no for an answer.

You put the music for
it here in your case.

I'm afraid I don't
feel like singing.

I beg your pardon?
What did I tell you.
Interesting, isn't it?
By Jove he's right.
Don't come any nearer.
If you do, I'll...
I won't come any
nearer, I promise.

But may I talk to you?
My dear Sheila.
I don't know yet