Pursuit to Algiers

You're just being
modest, Dr. Watson,

it was delightful.
Eh, Childre?
Oh, delightful.
My dear Kingston,
why would they have
constructed it so large

if it were not to
accommodate city...

Watson, have you met
Mr. Kingston
and Mr. Childre?

I've seen them about.
Mr. Kingston
and Mr. Childre

are archaeologists.
They're going to Egypt
to excavate a tomb.

And we've just
received a wireless

that the
British government...

Egyptian government has
granted its permission.

they might have been
dug up themselves.

Watson, please.
Was that you
singing, duckie?

I could hear you
in the galley.

Really, it was.
What was it.
Well, it was...
Well, is everybody ready?
The best in board awaits.
We'll have a wonderful
time, duckie.

It seems that
we have rearranged
the seating order.

See, duckie, you're
this end, next to me.

I'm not going to let
you off, you know.

Let me off what?
This is our last
night together,

and you've been promising
the whole voyage
to tell me

about one of
Sherlock Holmes'

Please do.
Oh, isn't it a
little early?

Hadn't we ought to
wait till after dinner?

Well, why not start now?
All right, now,
well, let's see.

Did any of
you ever hear of

the Giant Rat of Sumatra?
No, but it sounds
terribly gruesome.

It certainly was,
it never got in the
papers at the time,

too delicate a matter.
I don't suppose it'll do
any harm to do it now.

It all began one
evening in Baker Street.

Holmes and I were
sitting in our rooms

when suddenly the
door opened slowly,

and in walked...
Sit down, you're
quite safe here.

I don't like the suspense.