Pursuit to Algiers

I'm not going to let
you off, you know.

Let me off what?
This is our last
night together,

and you've been promising
the whole voyage
to tell me

about one of
Sherlock Holmes'

Please do.
Oh, isn't it a
little early?

Hadn't we ought to
wait till after dinner?

Well, why not start now?
All right, now,
well, let's see.

Did any of
you ever hear of

the Giant Rat of Sumatra?
No, but it sounds
terribly gruesome.

It certainly was,
it never got in the
papers at the time,

too delicate a matter.
I don't suppose it'll do
any harm to do it now.

It all began one
evening in Baker Street.

Holmes and I were
sitting in our rooms

when suddenly the
door opened slowly,

and in walked...
Sit down, you're
quite safe here.

I don't like the suspense.
My dear Mirko,
as I have said before,
patience is an
admirable quality.

You should cultivate it.
- One of the old pea

they're rare these...
now, I hope you
all understand

the topography
of the place.

It's important,
devilishly important.

Now, let's see if
I can get it straight.

Between these two
knives is the Thames.

That's right,
it's the Thames.

And the curette
is the warehouse.

The warehouse,
that's right.

This boat is the salsa.
No, this salsa is
a boat, of course.

No, no, no, the
salsa is the boat.

Come on, Sheila,
where's your hat?

Oh, I'm sorry,
I was listening to
your uncle's story.

Oh, dear,
nothing happened.

Here, take mine.
Oh, oh, no, you don't.
No, this time I'm not
taking any chances,

I'm going to do
it all myself.

Wait a minute.
I don't think there's
a hat in that one.

Why don't you take mine.
I never wear paper hats.
Oh, well, thank
you, Mr. Holmes.