-Tell me anything you remember.
-We were dancing...

He kept asking me to marry him,
panting in my ear...

I suddenly pretended
I was going to kiss him...

and sank my teeth into his moustache.
Bit it clear off.

You're laughing at me. That smug
face of yours doesn't take me in...

You just want me to tell you all this
so you can feel superior to me.

You and your drooling science.
I detest you.

I never want to see
that nasty face of yours again.

I can't bear you. You and your
nickelsworth of nothing.

-Come on, Miss Carmichael.
-Silly fool...

letting a creature like that
worry me. Miss Frozen Puss.

Dr. Floreau. I want to talk
to you alone...

I can't stand that woman.
-I'll see you later, Mary.
-Come on Miss Carmichael.

Mercheson must be out of his mind
to assign Carmichael to you.

You may report your findings
to the new head when he arrives.

You can't treat a veteran like her
without some inside information.

I have done much research
on emotional and love difficulties.

Research, my eye.
I've watched your work for 6 months,
it's brilliant, but lifeless.

There's no intuition in it.
You approach all your problems
with an icepack on your head.

-Are you making love to me?
-I will in a moment.

I'm just clearing
the ground first.

I'm trying to convince you that
your lack of emotional experience...

is bad for you as a doctor...
and fatal for you as a woman.
I've heard that argument from
a number of amorous psychiatrists...

-wanting to make me a better doctor.
-I've got a much better argument...

-I'm terribly fond of you.

-lt's like embracing a textbook.
-Why do you do it then?

Because your not a textbook. You're
a sweet, pulsing woman underneath.