Mercheson must be out of his mind
to assign Carmichael to you.

You may report your findings
to the new head when he arrives.

You can't treat a veteran like her
without some inside information.

I have done much research
on emotional and love difficulties.

Research, my eye.
I've watched your work for 6 months,
it's brilliant, but lifeless.

There's no intuition in it.
You approach all your problems
with an icepack on your head.

-Are you making love to me?
-I will in a moment.

I'm just clearing
the ground first.

I'm trying to convince you that
your lack of emotional experience...

is bad for you as a doctor...
and fatal for you as a woman.
I've heard that argument from
a number of amorous psychiatrists...

-wanting to make me a better doctor.
-I've got a much better argument...

-I'm terribly fond of you.

-lt's like embracing a textbook.
-Why do you do it then?

Because your not a textbook. You're
a sweet, pulsing woman underneath.

I sense it every time
I come near to you.

You sense only your own desires
and pulsations.

-Mine in no way resemble them.
-Stop it. I'm mad about you.

-I'm afraid I'm boring you.

Your attitudes
are very interesting.

I feel exactly like Miss Carmichael.
I'd like to throw a book at you...

But I won't.
-May I borrow this?

Forgive me for my criticism.
I think I better stick to books.

-And another thing...
-Pardon me for marching in...

but I'm spreading the tidings.
My successor will be due any moment.

Well, Dr. Mercheson, it's been
a pleasure working under you.

Thank you very much.
Coming, Dr. Petersen?

I'm in no mad hurry
to welcome Dr. Edwardes.

It's hard to imagine
this place without you.

-I sort of go with the fixtures.
-More than that, you are Green Manors.

-lt seems unfair.
-You're very young in the profession.