I sense it every time
I come near to you.

You sense only your own desires
and pulsations.

-Mine in no way resemble them.
-Stop it. I'm mad about you.

-I'm afraid I'm boring you.

Your attitudes
are very interesting.

I feel exactly like Miss Carmichael.
I'd like to throw a book at you...

But I won't.
-May I borrow this?

Forgive me for my criticism.
I think I better stick to books.

-And another thing...
-Pardon me for marching in...

but I'm spreading the tidings.
My successor will be due any moment.

Well, Dr. Mercheson, it's been
a pleasure working under you.

Thank you very much.
Coming, Dr. Petersen?

I'm in no mad hurry
to welcome Dr. Edwardes.

It's hard to imagine
this place without you.

-I sort of go with the fixtures.
-More than that, you are Green Manors.

-lt seems unfair.
-You're very young in the profession.

You haven't learned the basic secret,
the old must make way for the new...

particularly when he's suspected
of a touch of senility.

That's ridiculous, the directors
should realise you're much better.

You've been like a new man
since your vacation.

The board's as fair and all-knowing
as a hospital board can be.

I agree, I'm as able and brilliant
as ever, but having crumbled once...

-I might crumble again.
-You were overworked.

A charming diagnosis
for a broken down horse.

I shall always remember
your cheerfulness today as...

-a lesson in how to accept reality.
-Don't be taken in by my happy air...

it's the least difficult way of
saying goodbye to 20 years.

Yes, I know...
Come in.

Your mail, Dr. Petersen.
And Mr. Garmes.

Come in, Mr. Garmes.
You're not leaving today?
I'll see you again?

I'll hover around for a while...
Like a mother hen, at least until
Dr. Edwardes is firmly on the list.