-How do you feel today, Mr. Garmes?
-Somewhat better, Doctor...

the thing seems a little
less troublesome.

May I do that for you, Doctor?
No, thank you, no. I can
do this myself very well.

Please sit down, I'll be
with you in a moment.

-That's the mighty Anthony Edwardes.
-He's younger than I expected.

He's only brought one suitcase.
Perhaps he doesn't mean to stay long.

Leave those daydreams
to Dr. Mercheson.

Gentlemen, our new chief.
Dr. Anthony Edwardes.

-Dr. Floreau.
-How do you do?

-I'm Dr. Graff.
-How do you do?

-Dr. Hamish.
-How do you do?

There's still some staff members
missing, Dr. Edwardes.

These are your quarters.
They're very festive
for an institution.

Dr. Edwardes, Dr. Mercheson.
How do you do? I've heard
a great deal about you, sir.

And I naturally, about you.
-You're younger than I thought.
-My age hasn't caught up with me yet.

Mine has. I'm pleased to hand over
the reins to steadier hands.

I'm leaving you my library, which
contains, amongst other items...

"your latest volume, ""The labyrinth
of the guilt complex""..."

an excellent work. I hope
Green Manors will inspire others.

I'm very grateful.
I don't know the formal words
for an abdication, Dr. Edwardes...

May I say merely that these quarters
which I've occupied for 20 years...

are now yours.
Will you excuse me?

I spent a half hour with Dr. Edwardes.
I must say I was most impressed.

I intend to learn
a great deal from Dr. Edwardes...

I think we all can from a man
of such obvious talent.