-You're familiar with his work?
-I've read all his books...

a very keen, unorthodox mind.
It'd be dreadful if Dr. Mercheson's
successor was unworthy of him.

He's joining us.
I think you know everyone here,
Dr. Edwardes.

No, not yet.
-This is Dr. Petersen.
-How do you do?

Dr. Edwardes.
Dr. Hamish has been showing
me the grounds.

A remarkable institution
must be beautiful in the summer.

I pointed out to Dr. Edwardes
our various open air diversions.

Dr. Mercheson always argued we didn't
do enough in that direction, I agree.

Let me warn you that Dr. Petersen
is a frustrated gymnast.

Dr. Floreau considers anything beyond
sitting and standing gymnastics.

-I imagine you're very fond of sport.
-Yes, I am...

I miss them, particularly
winter sports.

-Did you show Dr. Edwardes the grove?
-Yes, yes indeed.

That's where we hope to have
our new swimming pool.

-I'm a great believer in a pool.
-There's a perfect spot for one.

Not an oblong one, but an
irregular pool, something...

something like this,
you know?

The bath houses should be here...
I take it that the supply of linen
at this institution is inexhaustable.

Forgive me.
That reminds me of my professor
in psychiatry, Dr. Brulov...

He could never stand
a sauce bottle on the table...

or even a salt shaker,
they took his apetite away.

I remember once
at a banquet in his honour...

he refused to sit at the speaker's
table because he was surrounded by...

by ketchup.