That's where we hope to have
our new swimming pool.

-I'm a great believer in a pool.
-There's a perfect spot for one.

Not an oblong one, but an
irregular pool, something...

something like this,
you know?

The bath houses should be here...
I take it that the supply of linen
at this institution is inexhaustable.

Forgive me.
That reminds me of my professor
in psychiatry, Dr. Brulov...

He could never stand
a sauce bottle on the table...

or even a salt shaker,
they took his apetite away.

I remember once
at a banquet in his honour...

he refused to sit at the speaker's
table because he was surrounded by...

by ketchup.
Last night, a dimple appeared in your
cheek, that was never there before.

And I detected the outcroppings of a
mother instinct toward Dr. Edwardes.

I detest that sort of
high school talk.

Your reactions have upset
one of my pet theories about you...

that you are immune
to psychoanalysts...

and would end up in the arms
of some bold nut with spiked hair.

If I were looking for that type,
I would've long ago adored you.

Come in.
I... excuse me.
It's from Dr. Edwardes.

Love notes already,
the frank school of science.

I didn't want to come to this
institution, but my brother insisted.

I can see no sense in it myself.
You see I'm not suffering from a
hallucination, my guilt is very real.

I know, Dr. Edwardes,
that I killed my father...

And I'm willing to pay
the penalty.

Come in.