People fall in love because they
respond to certain hair colouring...

or mannerisms that
remind them of their parents.

-Or sometimes for no reason at all.
-But the point is that...

people read about love as one
thing and experience it as another.

Or they expect kisses to be
like lyrical poems...

embraces to be like
Shakesperian drama.

Then when they find out differently,
they get sick and need analysis?

Yes, very often.
Professor, you're suffering
from mogo on the gogo.

I beg your pardon?
-You can't get through there.
-Of course I can...

I've been through here
many times.

-Not at all.

-I'm all right.

-I usually come here alone.
-That doesn't sound like fun.

I haven't done it for fun.
Isn't this beautiful?

Lunch. What'll you have?
Ham or liverwurst?

Has anybody seen
our new chief today?

He has been tied up.
He frisked off with Dr. Petersen
at noon.

It's odd, spending his first day
running after her...

like a drooling college boy.
It'll do her good to be
drooled over...

poor girl's withering away
with science.

I was telling her recently something
vital was missing from her life.

Don't get up, I came
because I heard Mr. Garmes...

-became agitated again.
-Yes, I gave him a sedative.

I'm sorry I wasn't here.
Nonsense, you look as if
you had an instructive time.

-Gentlemen, notice her stocking...

the lady's been climbing trees.
Or lolling in a briar patch.
No, it's trees,
there are leaves in her hair.

Allow me, Dr. Petersen.