Take care of you and cure you and
remain with you till that happens.

But you can't help
hide a criminal.

You can't jeopardise your standing as
a doctor, you're just starting out...

-I won't let you be stupid about it.
-I couldn't bear it away from you.

I went through yesterday holding my
breath as if I were being hunted...

I couldn't eat, work,
do anything but think of you.

So I had to come.
I'll get a room on this floor,
I'm here as your doctor only...

It has nothing
to do with love.

Nothing at all,
nothing at all.

Try remembering, let your mind
go back to your childhood.

Was it happy?
Whom did you know?

I'm haunted,
but I can't see by what.

-lt's no use.
-You lived somewhere...

you had a mother, you were loved,
had friends.

Yes, and probably a wife.
Can you remember her?
I didn't say I had one.
I said I probably had.

No, darling. Thank heaven
I can't remember a wife.

-I'd like to ask a medical question.

would you mind not prodding me,
it mixes me up...

I can't remember anything.
Except that I love you.

How would you diagnose a pain,
in the right upper quadrant...

a pain that is persistant?
Gall bladder, a heart case,
or pneumonia...

on the patient's history.

It's obvious you're a doctor.
Yes, the eminent Dr. X.
If we can unlock one tiny memory,
it'll give us the key to the others.