you had a mother, you were loved,
had friends.

Yes, and probably a wife.
Can you remember her?
I didn't say I had one.
I said I probably had.

No, darling. Thank heaven
I can't remember a wife.

-I'd like to ask a medical question.

would you mind not prodding me,
it mixes me up...

I can't remember anything.
Except that I love you.

How would you diagnose a pain,
in the right upper quadrant...

a pain that is persistant?
Gall bladder, a heart case,
or pneumonia...

on the patient's history.

It's obvious you're a doctor.
Yes, the eminent Dr. X.
If we can unlock one tiny memory,
it'll give us the key to the others.

The only thing that comes to mind
that I keep thinking...

-is the logic of the situation.
-What logic?

That I was with Edwardes.
Police believe the impostor who
escaped from Green Manors...

to be the patient that visited
the real Dr. Edwardes...

in the Cumberland mountains
the day that he disappeared.

No trace has been found, since
he left the Cumberland resort...

"in the company of his
supposed patient""."

Do you remember that? Why do you
believe you were with him?

Because wherever we went,
I came back with his identity...

I wouldn't have come back as Edwardes
if I hadn't known he was dead.

How would I know that, if I hadn't
been with him when he died?

-Were you?
-I don't remember...

but logically
I know that I must've been.

And logically, I also know why
the body hasn't been found...

because it was hidden
by me.

Don't you see that you're
imagining all this?