When did you go to Rome?
What did you do in Rome?

I remember something.
-Fighter planes spotted us.
-You were flying?

Transport. Medical core.
Over Rome, heading north.

-What happened?
-They hit us.

Caught fire, uniform burned,
bailed out.

What else?
I don't know. It blacks out.
-You left the army?

I probably deserted, I hated it.
I hated killing, I can remember
that much.

Your guilt complex was obviously
inflamed by being a soldier.

Stop it, babbling like some
phoney King Solomon...

half-witted devil talk
that doesn't make sense...

if there's anything I hate
it's a smug woman.

Darling, we're just beginning.
Don't biff too hard yet.

I worked as Dr. Brulov's assistant
for a year after my internship...

He got me the post at Green Manors.
You'll like Alex.

I doubt that. One psychoanalyst
in my hair is enough.

-What are you going to tell him?
-That we're on our honeymoon.

Doctor, you think of the most
wonderful prescriptions.

-Good evening, is Dr. Brulov in?
-No, he went out after dinner.

He ought to be back soon.
Would you tell him his
supper is on the table...

I'm sorry, I can't wait any longer.
And there are 2 men
waiting for him in there.