if there's anything I hate
it's a smug woman.

Darling, we're just beginning.
Don't biff too hard yet.

I worked as Dr. Brulov's assistant
for a year after my internship...

He got me the post at Green Manors.
You'll like Alex.

I doubt that. One psychoanalyst
in my hair is enough.

-What are you going to tell him?
-That we're on our honeymoon.

Doctor, you think of the most
wonderful prescriptions.

-Good evening, is Dr. Brulov in?
-No, he went out after dinner.

He ought to be back soon.
Would you tell him his
supper is on the table...

I'm sorry, I can't wait any longer.
And there are 2 men
waiting for him in there.

-How do you do?
-How do you do?

-How's your mother been lately?
-Still complaining about rheumatism.

She figures I ought to get
transferred down to Florida.

"I said, ""Do expect me to sacrifice
all chance of promotion..."

"just because you got rheumatism?"""
Did you take the subject
up with the head?

Yeah, he said a transfer
could be arranged, but...

I'd have to start over as a
sergeant. I think that's unfair...

after all the work I did
on that narcotics case.

-What did he say to that?
-A lot of things...

he made some crack about
me being a mama's boy...

Pardon me, that may be for me
I gave headquarters this number.