Deiter, what is this kind
of persecution?

I told the police yesterday,
I know nothing about Edwardes.

But yesterday you had some kind
of theory...

I explained to the policeman
that if Edwardes...

took on vacation
a paranoid patient...

he was a bigger fool than
I ever knew he was.

It is the same as playing
with a loaded gun.

Do you think this patient
might've killed him?

I'm not thinking anything,
I'm not a bloodhound.

Was Dr. Edwardes
a great friend?

What are you talking about?
The man was impossible.

You had a quarrel with him,
when you were in New York?

Not New York, in Boston
at the Psychiatry Convention...

What kind of analyst wants to cure
psychosis by taking people skating?

Or to a bowling alley?
I understand you threatened
to punch his nose.

All I did was get up and walk out,
and kick over a few chairs...

which nobody was sitting in.
So don't ask me any more questions...

-You have now the facts.
-Thank you very much.

I'm sorry to have bothered you.
If anything turns up,
we'll let you know.

Good bye ma'am.
Good night, sir.

What do you suppose they're
snooping around for?

Next they'll give me
the third degree.

Alex, I was going to write,
but it happened so quickly...

-I got married.
-Who is married?

-Alex, my husband, John Brown.
-I'm glad to meet you officially.

You are married? There is nothing
so nice as a new marriage...

no psychosis yet, no aggression,
no guilt complexes...

I congratulate you, and wish
you have babies and not ogres...

How about we have a glass of beer,
like in the old days?

The truth is, we have no hotel room.
All the hotels were so crowded.

What do you want with a hotel? That's
for millionaires, not lovebirds.