I'm sorry to have bothered you.
If anything turns up,
we'll let you know.

Good bye ma'am.
Good night, sir.

What do you suppose they're
snooping around for?

Next they'll give me
the third degree.

Alex, I was going to write,
but it happened so quickly...

-I got married.
-Who is married?

-Alex, my husband, John Brown.
-I'm glad to meet you officially.

You are married? There is nothing
so nice as a new marriage...

no psychosis yet, no aggression,
no guilt complexes...

I congratulate you, and wish
you have babies and not ogres...

How about we have a glass of beer,
like in the old days?

The truth is, we have no hotel room.
All the hotels were so crowded.

What do you want with a hotel? That's
for millionaires, not lovebirds.

You'll stay right here. Look how I'm
living by myself with a can opener.

My housekeeper has gone to work,
my secretary is a wreck...

and I've got a cleaning woman
who can't cook and hates me...

Cook me my coffee in the morning
and the house is yours.

-That's wonderful of you.
-There's nothing wonderful about me.

It's nice to see my old assistant.
The youngest but the best I ever had.

But who knows now? As my old friend
Sanabaum used to say...

Women make the best psychoanalysts,
until they fall in love...

"after that, they make
the best patients."""

Good night and happy dreams...
-Which we will analyse at breakfast.
-Goodnight and thanks for everything.

Any husband of Constance
is a husband of mine.