You said you loved me. Look at me,
why am I fighting for you?

- Because I love you, I need you.
- But I'm nothing.

- Come with me to Gabriel Valley.
- What good will that do?

When you see the hill where
it happened, you'll remember.

We'll go skiing like you did
with Edwardes...

- I was there, I killed him.
- You'll see what really happened.

- You mean because it'll happen again.
- Yes.

And what if I killed him?
Isn't it true that if
the episode is repeated...

I'm likely to do the same thing
I did before?

- How do you know I won't kill again?
- Because I know you didn't kill him.

You believe in me enough
to take such a chance?

Of course. We're going back
to that ski run.

We'll find out what in your childhood
has haunted you all your life.

We'll also find out what happened
to Dr. Edwardes.

Ever seen her before?
Let's go.
I've always loved feminine clothes
but never dared to wear them...

but I'm going to after this, I'll
wear exactly what pleases me...

and you...
even very funny hats...
the kind that make you
look a little drunk.