The Yearling

How do you know that?
I just know.
Could be.
Could be.
Pa! Pa! Pa!
I can see him, Pa. I can see him.

An old Spaniard riding along.
Fodderwing said I could spy him here.

That's nice.
- What'd he say he seen?
- A Spaniard.

What Spaniard?
I don't know.
There, now. I was scared this
wouldn't stand another washing.

- What else you got that's cool to wear?
- Nothing, excusing my wedding dress.

- That black alpaca's nice.
- That went to pieces three years ago.

It went to pure rags,
doing work just like this.

Toting washing to a sinkhole
half a mile from the house...

...toting water to wash and cook in.
You'll get your well one day,
right outside your door.

I'll believe it when I see it.
After all these years of waiting,
I'll take no stock in it.

Ora, I think me and Jody'll
make us a trip to Volusia.

Yeah. I got some trading I wanna do.
Ain't it exciting just to see it, Pa?
Yes, once in a while,
it's a pleasure to see a town.

Get along, Caesar.
It'll be nice seeing
your sweetheart, won't it?

You know I got no sweetheart.
You ain't going back on Eulalie
after you held hands last Christmas?