Black Narcissus

And work, Sister.
Work hard.

Work until you're too tired
to think of anything else.

[ Woman's Vo/ce ]
Oh, /sn't /t a grand day ?

Isn't it a grand day ?
What's wrong, Con ?
- Everyth/ng.
- What specially ?

Oh, nothing.
You wouldn't understand.

Is it money ?
Whatever else is it ?
Desmond's with
a lot of it in Michigan.

I heard from him last week.
He's been made a partner.
And just because I'm the eldest son,
I have to stay here /n Ireland...

and hang around
waiting for... this.

[ Sighs ]
I'll have a little money
when I marry, Con.

It isn't a little money.
It's a fortune.

Then it would be a waste.
Clo, don't you sometimes
itch to get away ?

No, I don't want to go away.
I want to stay here like this
for the rest of my life.