Okay, deal.
Sergeant Keeley.
Sorry to break up your little
Saturday-night game, sergeant.

Where's Mitchell?
- Who's he supposed to have killed?
- Sit down, sergeant. We'll talk about it.

- When did you see Mitchell last?
- This afternoon, 2:00.

- Where was he going?
- Crawling.

- Where?
- Nowhere.

Soldiers don't have anywhere to go
unless you tell them.

When they're off duty, they go crawling,
or they go crazy.

- What did you do before the Army?
- What's that got to do with it?

It might help me understand
your answers.

I worked on newspapers.
- What kind of a job you got now?
- Ink job.

Purple ink. Instead of the Purple Heart,
we get purple ink.

- Mitchell too?
- Signs.

He's an artist. He used to do
cows eating grass.

He's branched out now. He does signs.
"Keep This Washroom Clean."

- You think he killed anybody, you're crazy.
- Why?

- He's not the type.
- Everybody's the type.

- He couldn't kill anybody.
- Could you?

- I have.
- Where?

Where you get medals for it.
I see.
And this Mitchell boy
couldn't do that either?

Tell me about this afternoon
when he left.

- Nothing to tell. He left.
- What did you talk to Mrs. Mitchell about?

According to the hotel, you called Chicago
this afternoon at 2:30...

...and talked to a Mrs. Mitchell.
His mother?

His wife.
- Well?
- It was personal. It wouldn't interest you.

Nothing interests me anymore.
Used to, but not anymore.
I've been at this job too long.
I go about it the only way I know how.
I collect all the facts possible.
Most of them are useless.

What did you call Mrs. Mitchell about?