Part of it.
This is serious.
They're crucifying the kid.

- You know Mitch. He won't have a chance.
- What do you mean?

Well, I just mean that...
...Mitch is not the kind of guy who knows
the scoop on a thing like this.

He's an artist. He's sensitive.
- And you know all about things like this?
- Well, sure. Like I told you...

...I've been a cop myself. St. Louis.
Four years on the east side.
I know the score.

Then you can understand
why I need your help.

I'm not helping stick a pal of mine
into trouble.

I'm not asking you to.
All I'm asking for is facts.

How did it get started this afternoon
in the bar with Samuels?

Like always. Bunch of people in a bar.
Something happens,
you're talking to somebody.

What happened?
Leroy knocked a drink all over this...
What did you say her name was?
This Miss Lewis.

You didn't tell me about Leroy.
He's a dumb hillbilly.
A friend of Floyd's.

He came in with Floyd,
but he didn't stay long.

Go on.
Well, like I said, we was talking.
I was worried about Mitch.
What's the matter, Mitch?
What's eating you?

- Nothing's eating me.
- Let's go. Nothing's gonna happen here.

Sit still. The idea is to sit still.
You don't meet people by going
in and out of one bar after another.

- I'm sorry, l...
- It was an accident.

You silly hillbilly.
Why don't you look what you're doing.

You'll have to forgive Leroy.
Leroy's from Tennessee.

He just started wearing shoes.
- Apologize to the lady.
- I said I'm sorry.

- That the best you can do?
- It was just an accident, soldier.

Leroy's all right. He's just dumb.
He was our secret weapon.
Won the war with him.

By not letting him across.
He's that dumb.

If the Krauts caught him and asked
how many generals we had...

...Leroy would've told them.
Because his mother said,
"Leroy, never tell a lie."

- Where you going?
- See you, Floyd.