That's the kind of a guy that spoilt
the Army for a guy like me.

When I got in, it was a good racket.
You could live good.

You played it smart, you could save
1000 bucks a year out of a sergeant's pay.

- Take me, when l...
- What I couldn't do with 1000 bucks.

What would you do with 1000 bucks?
Well, man, if I had 1000 bucks, I could...
Well, I could go to Mexico...

Know what I'd do? I'd live on the beach.
I'd fish, and I'd eat...

...and just live on the beach.
And I'd steal me a air-cooled machine gun.
I shoot anybody tried to bring me back.

Criminy, Monty, what's the use
of being out if you got no dough?

- Wonder where I should go.
- Floyd and me talked some more.

I don't know how long. The next time
I looked, they were leaving.

So we left then too. Things were
pretty expensive in that bar anyway.

I figured if the Jew boy was setting up
drinks, we might as well get in on it.

We followed them to the apartment
and just walked in.

Hiya, Sammy. We come to the party.
- There isn't any party, sergeant.
- You thought you could skip out on us.

You feel sick?
- I'm all right.
- Maybe you better go get some air.

- Mitch. What's the matter, boy?
- I'll be right back.

- You want me to come with you?
- I'm all right. I'll be right back.

- I have to get ready to go in a few minutes.
- That's too bad, Sammy.

We gotta look after Mitch. Come on.
- Here's to you, Sammy.
- Come on, Floyd.

Thanks just the same, Sammy.
And that was the last we seen of Sammy,
the last we seen of Mitch.

He wasn't outside. I couldn't figure out
where he'd got to.

Floyd was pretty stinko. I started back to
the Stewart with him. Then I got worried.