And we find Mitchell's wallet
in the sofa.

I say Mitchell did come back.
- Some sort of an argument developed...
- I say you're nuts.

Why? Or don't you think Mitchell
could kill Samuels that way?

I don't think Mitchell would kill
anybody any way.

- You still don't know where he is?
- No.

I didn't know when I came in,
and I haven't suddenly gotten brighter.

- You don't believe he did it.
- He was there.

- So were Floyd and Monty.
- They left. Mitch said he was returning.

- According to Monty.
- To Monty.

Monty's a liar.
What makes you believe his story?

- Happens to be the only story I've got.
- Then why did you let him go?

Did I?
You don't think he's gonna lead you
to Floyd Bowers, do you?

Is that all for me?
You know where to find me.
Mitchell hasn't been here?
- What happened? Who'd he kill?
- He didn't kill anybody.

He's in trouble, but nobody knows
where he is. We gotta find him.

- What are we waiting for?
- That lobby is full of cops and MPs.

Spread out. Find him.
Try and tag him before he gets here.

Scare the pants off that knucklehead.
I made him promise
to meet me here at midnight.

That's an hour ago.
I was gonna watch him
till his wife showed up.

When you find him,
put him someplace safe.

I'll be waiting in the coffee shop.
One at a time. Don't go through that lobby
like a pack of drunken buffaloes.

You see Monty or Floyd, let me know.
- Where's Monty come in? What's he doing?
- Helping Mitch.

Every time he opens his mouth,
he hangs him a foot higher.

Where do you suppose
that stupid birdbrain is?