- What are we waiting for?
- That lobby is full of cops and MPs.

Spread out. Find him.
Try and tag him before he gets here.

Scare the pants off that knucklehead.
I made him promise
to meet me here at midnight.

That's an hour ago.
I was gonna watch him
till his wife showed up.

When you find him,
put him someplace safe.

I'll be waiting in the coffee shop.
One at a time. Don't go through that lobby
like a pack of drunken buffaloes.

You see Monty or Floyd, let me know.
- Where's Monty come in? What's he doing?
- Helping Mitch.

Every time he opens his mouth,
he hangs him a foot higher.

Where do you suppose
that stupid birdbrain is?

What's the matter, corporal?
- I'm all right.
- Don't sit on the curb.

- Just sit down to rest.
- Better go rest somewheres else.

Papers all right? Okay.
You don't want a little help?

- I'm all right, thanks.
- Well, watch yourself.

And don't sit on no more curbs.
You get killed that way.

Pickup on a Corporal Mitchell.
- 29645217.
- What for?

I don't know, but it's a double A.
Must have murdered somebody.