I must have started to walk.
I don't remember.
I remember a street sign.
I couldn't read it.
I don't know how far I walked.
It must have been a long way.
I don't know what the place looked like
on the outside or how I got there...

... but I remember looking up
and seeing this girl...

... this Ginny...
- What did you say your name was?
- Ginny. Because I'm from Virginia.

- I sure get tired of it here.
- What do you work here for then?

For laughs, dear. For laughs.
- Every night?
- Every night.

- To nothing.
- Until when?

- Till we close.
- Then what?

Then I sleep. Me and myself
in my great big bed. We sleep.

- I could have killed my girlfriend. She...
- You got that in quick, didn't you?

- Drink up and be nice.
- You know what I'd like to do?

I'd like to take you dancing.
- That's what the music's for. I work here.
- I mean really take you dancing.

The two of us going somewhere...
...eating something,
talking about ourselves.

- I'm serious.
- Sure. I know, I remind you of your sister.

You remind me of my wife.
Be nice. Order us some more drinks,
and then we'll dance.

I've had enough to drink.