Open up, Floyd. It's Monty.
Let me get out of here.
What do I have to stay for?

We have to be careful now.
The cops are screwing down.

And that Finlay is sharp.
I tried a couple things,
but I don't know about him.

- We'll be okay. Keep our stories straight.
- Give me a cigarette.

Let me have a cigarette, huh?
Get ahold of yourself.
I gotta leave so I can go out
and keep in touch with things.

- Keep out of sight till they find Mitch.
- Let me go away someplace.

That won't do no good.
You gotta talk to the cops sometime.

No, Monty. I can't talk to them.
You got nothing to worry about
as long as our stories are straight.

I can't say there was no argument. Mitch
was there when you went after Samuels.

- The cops will pick up Mitch...
- Mitch won't say nothing. Mitch was stinko.

He won't remember exactly.
Nobody knows exactly except me and you.
Why'd you go after the guy?
Why'd you have to start an argument?

No Jew is gonna tell me
how to drink his stinking liquor.

There wasn't no argument.
There was just a quiet discussion.
We left right after Mitch.
Remember that, Floyd. Right after Mitch.
- Yeah.
- We was worried about him.