You got nothing to worry about
as long as our stories are straight.

I can't say there was no argument. Mitch
was there when you went after Samuels.

- The cops will pick up Mitch...
- Mitch won't say nothing. Mitch was stinko.

He won't remember exactly.
Nobody knows exactly except me and you.
Why'd you go after the guy?
Why'd you have to start an argument?

No Jew is gonna tell me
how to drink his stinking liquor.

There wasn't no argument.
There was just a quiet discussion.
We left right after Mitch.
Remember that, Floyd. Right after Mitch.
- Yeah.
- We was worried about him.

Floyd, open up, it's Williams.
We heard you're in trouble.

What's the matter, Floyd?
Leroy tells me you're in a jam,
you need some dough.

We don't like to see anybody in a jam.
How much dough do you need?

Oh, I talked to Leroy about something else.
Got it wrong, I guess.

Anyway, I was going away,
but now I don't know.

Heard about Mitchell?
The cops think he killed that man he met
with you and Monty. Did you hear about it?

Yeah, I heard about it.
This has got nothing to do with that.

I wasn't there. I left. Me and Monty left.
Cops can't pin anything on me and Monty.
I got in a jam about something else,
Keeley, and it just caught up with me.

That's what I need the dough for.
I haven't got enough dough on me, but I'll
scrounge around, see what I can dig up.