Floyd, open up, it's Williams.
We heard you're in trouble.

What's the matter, Floyd?
Leroy tells me you're in a jam,
you need some dough.

We don't like to see anybody in a jam.
How much dough do you need?

Oh, I talked to Leroy about something else.
Got it wrong, I guess.

Anyway, I was going away,
but now I don't know.

Heard about Mitchell?
The cops think he killed that man he met
with you and Monty. Did you hear about it?

Yeah, I heard about it.
This has got nothing to do with that.

I wasn't there. I left. Me and Monty left.
Cops can't pin anything on me and Monty.
I got in a jam about something else,
Keeley, and it just caught up with me.

That's what I need the dough for.
I haven't got enough dough on me, but I'll
scrounge around, see what I can dig up.

Gee, thanks a lot, Keeley.
I'll be back before morning.
Anybody else know you're here?
Leroy and you, unless you told somebody.
No, we haven't told anybody.
How about Monty?

- Monty?
- You haven't seen him?

- He doesn't know you're here?
- How would he know?

Okay, sit tight.
- Monty, I didn't call Keeley up...
- I told you not to go out anywhere.

You got in touch with Keeley.
You shouldn't have done that.

No, I didn't get in touch with Keeley.
I called Leroy.

Leroy must have told him. Criminy,
all I did was try to get some dough.

You got plenty of dough.
You said you'd saved.

All I wanna do is go away.
Give me some dough.