- What are you doing here?
- Floyd's dead, sergeant.

- Tell him how it happened.
- I told you to wait.

I did wait. I'm sorry, but I waited.
Nobody came in, nobody went out,
I still waited outside.

Then I thought I'd go up and take a look.
There he was, strung up by his necktie.

I didn't know what to do. You weren't
around. I thought I better call the police.

I came two hours ago
to tell you I talked to Floyd.

If you'd come as soon as you found out
where Floyd was...

...I could have talked to him,
and he'd still be alive.

Now, don't you think you better tell me
where Mitchell is, sergeant?

- Why?
- I don't want anybody else killed.

You should start working with me. It's
the only way, if you wanna help Mitchell.

Because you're in custody.
So is Williams.

You'll both stay there forever,
if necessary.

I'll listen to anything constructive
you two have to say...

...but I won't stand for
any more interference.

You've got a mind like a dogcatcher.
I'm in custody. Williams is in custody.

Everybody's in custody.
What does that prove?

Except that you've got a big jail.
If you want Mitchell,
you can go find him.

All right.
I just hoped there was an easier way.
Okay, Dick.

Come on, Keeley.
I talked to Mitchell a while ago.
- Where is he?
- I said I talked to Mitchell, captain.

He couldn't have killed Samuels.
He didn't go back to Samuels' apartment.

He went and met a girl.
Spent a couple hours in her apartment.

- What does that prove?
- That he went to a joint and he met a girl.

Would a man who has just killed somebody
go on the make for some tramp?

- And it proves where he was for two hours.
- Which two hours?

- All you have to do is ask the girl.
- Who is she?

She's a girl. She calls herself Ginny.
Mitch knows where she lives.

- When did he tell you all of this?
- Before I went to see Floyd.

- Did he know where you were going?
- Yes.

- He could've killed Floyd.
- He didn't know the address.

He could have followed you.