Everybody's in custody.
What does that prove?

Except that you've got a big jail.
If you want Mitchell,
you can go find him.

All right.
I just hoped there was an easier way.
Okay, Dick.

Come on, Keeley.
I talked to Mitchell a while ago.
- Where is he?
- I said I talked to Mitchell, captain.

He couldn't have killed Samuels.
He didn't go back to Samuels' apartment.

He went and met a girl.
Spent a couple hours in her apartment.

- What does that prove?
- That he went to a joint and he met a girl.

Would a man who has just killed somebody
go on the make for some tramp?

- And it proves where he was for two hours.
- Which two hours?

- All you have to do is ask the girl.
- Who is she?

She's a girl. She calls herself Ginny.
Mitch knows where she lives.

- When did he tell you all of this?
- Before I went to see Floyd.

- Did he know where you were going?
- Yes.

- He could've killed Floyd.
- He didn't know the address.

He could have followed you.
Mary, I'm sorry.
Captain Finlay, if Keeley tells you
where Mitch is, will you let him go?

- Let me talk to Mitch first, by myself.
- I won't let Keeley go, no.

But you can talk to your husband alone. I'll
be waiting for you outside, wherever he is.

He's in the balcony
of an all-night movie. The Regent.

About four blocks from the hotel.
Oh, Mitch.
- Oh, Mitch.
- Mary, darling.

- When did you get here?
- About 1:00.