Mary, I'm sorry.
Captain Finlay, if Keeley tells you
where Mitch is, will you let him go?

- Let me talk to Mitch first, by myself.
- I won't let Keeley go, no.

But you can talk to your husband alone. I'll
be waiting for you outside, wherever he is.

He's in the balcony
of an all-night movie. The Regent.

About four blocks from the hotel.
Oh, Mitch.
- Oh, Mitch.
- Mary, darling.

- When did you get here?
- About 1:00.

- They were waiting for me at the airport.
- "They"?

The police.
- Did you see Keeley?
- Yes.

- What did he say?
- He told me what had happened.

- Where is he now?
- He's in jail.

The other boy, Floyd, was killed.
Police are waiting downstairs.
- We've only got a minute.
- No, Mary, listen. I've gotta say this first.

Whatever you think...
I don't care what Keeley told you.

Nothing tonight that happened has
anything to do with us or how I feel.

- That doesn't matter now.
- Yes, it does.

You've got to understand.
I've been sitting here.

I think I have things straight now.
I couldn't write to you
because I was depressed and jittery.

Samuels, the man who I was supposed
to have killed tonight, he understood it.

I can't explain what he said.
But he said a guy like me now, with
the war over, could start hating himself.