- They were waiting for me at the airport.
- "They"?

The police.
- Did you see Keeley?
- Yes.

- What did he say?
- He told me what had happened.

- Where is he now?
- He's in jail.

The other boy, Floyd, was killed.
Police are waiting downstairs.
- We've only got a minute.
- No, Mary, listen. I've gotta say this first.

Whatever you think...
I don't care what Keeley told you.

Nothing tonight that happened has
anything to do with us or how I feel.

- That doesn't matter now.
- Yes, it does.

You've got to understand.
I've been sitting here.

I think I have things straight now.
I couldn't write to you
because I was depressed and jittery.

Samuels, the man who I was supposed
to have killed tonight, he understood it.

I can't explain what he said.
But he said a guy like me now, with
the war over, could start hating himself.

Maybe that's what happened.
Maybe I started hating myself because
I was afraid of getting going again.

Of trying to draw again.
Of looking for a job.

Of having you waiting all the time,
after having waited four years already.

It began to be hard for me
to think about you.

I just couldn't write.
Does that make any sense?
Mitch, I wanna go see this girl, Ginny.
I wanna see her. If you were in her
apartment the time this man was killed...

...the police will be satisfied
you didn't do it.

Please, I'll be all right.
Captain Finlay's going with me.

You remember the name of the apartments
where she lives, don't you?

The Regal Apartments.
We'd better go. I told Captain Finlay
we wouldn't be too long.