You can't talk to her because you're
being held on a murder charge.

I didn't murder anyone.
Why would I murder him?

What motive would I have?
Maybe you didn't like him. Maybe you
hated him. Hate's a good motive.

Why would I hate him? I hardly knew him.
I only talked to him for a couple of hours.
He seemed like a nice guy.

- You knew he was a Jew.
- No.

- You didn't know he was Jewish?
- No, I didn't think about it.

What would that have to do with it?
What's that got to do with me?

I've got Montgomery for you.
I'll see him outside. I'm through here,
but I wanna talk to Keeley.

Here's what you wanted
from the War Department on Samuels.

He was hit in Okinawa,
got a medical discharge last summer.

Come on, Mitchell.
You wanted to see me, captain?
I figured it was important.
I wanna help all I can.

Sit down, Montgomery.
Yes, sir.
How did you know that Samuels
hadn't been in the Army?

When I talked to you earlier, you were sure
that Samuels had never been in uniform.

How'd you know that?
Well, like I told you, you could tell.
You could see.
Those guys got ways
of keeping theirselves from getting dirty.

- Why'd you ask that, captain?
- Oh, I was just curious.

- You know who killed him yet?
- Yes, I think I do.

Is that all? Don't you wanna
ask me something else?

No, that's all.
I can go now?
- Oh, Montgomery.
- Yes, sir?