You wanted to see me, captain?
I figured it was important.
I wanna help all I can.

Sit down, Montgomery.
Yes, sir.
How did you know that Samuels
hadn't been in the Army?

When I talked to you earlier, you were sure
that Samuels had never been in uniform.

How'd you know that?
Well, like I told you, you could tell.
You could see.
Those guys got ways
of keeping theirselves from getting dirty.

- Why'd you ask that, captain?
- Oh, I was just curious.

- You know who killed him yet?
- Yes, I think I do.

Is that all? Don't you wanna
ask me something else?

No, that's all.
I can go now?
- Oh, Montgomery.
- Yes, sir?

You haven't seen anything
of Floyd Bowers, have you?

- No, I haven't. I can't figure that...
- Let me know if you do, will you?

Yes, sir.
...Mrs. Finlay will be
just about leaving for early Mass.

Now that I know that,
do you mind if go back to bed?

What's the matter? I thought you were
gonna have this case solved by now.

I'm not doing anything except breathing.
You've got Mitchell,
your fairy story all written.

Drunk, trouble at home,
can't tell a clear story. Open and shut.

- What's holding you back?
- Is that all?

That's all.
All right, then.
Do you really wanna help me
wind this up?

- I thought you didn't like me.
- You talk too much sometimes.

- You're appealing to my better side?
- Yes.

- You're making me a proposition?
- Yes.