Cry of the City

Yeah, l think so.
lt was doubtful, but l think
he'll pull through.

l see his mother heading
for a church every day.

l think he'd 've saved'em
some grief if he'd died.

Maybe you're right. See you tomorrow.
Take it easy, Lieutenant.
Close enough?
l haven't the strength.
Miss Pruett.
Would you see if it's
close enough,...

What do you want?
Could l talk to you a minute?
l ought to tell you that...
...Rome's a pretty bad
with the woman.

What is does to me?
Just l would tell you in case...
-Look Lieutenant,...

l've been here for years. Don't tell
me how to care for patients.

l beg you pardon.
You should.
She's pretty hot, Candella?
-Smart guy.

We ought to throw you in a cell.
Full of bullet holes,
wherever you look.

Even the doctor say...
-Don't look for sympathy, Rome.

l just left the wife of
the guy you killed, you rat.

She looked fine,...
...eyes all red, tears streaming
down her face.

And you getting shaved.
l ought to beat you!
-Go ahead.

Beat me, l'll die.
Yell at me,...
...l faint.
Answer me the questions...
...and drop that fancy lingo, see?
Listen to me.