Cry of the City

...Rome's a pretty bad
with the woman.

What is does to me?
Just l would tell you in case...
-Look Lieutenant,...

l've been here for years. Don't tell
me how to care for patients.

l beg you pardon.
You should.
She's pretty hot, Candella?
-Smart guy.

We ought to throw you in a cell.
Full of bullet holes,
wherever you look.

Even the doctor say...
-Don't look for sympathy, Rome.

l just left the wife of
the guy you killed, you rat.

She looked fine,...
...eyes all red, tears streaming
down her face.

And you getting shaved.
l ought to beat you!
-Go ahead.

Beat me, l'll die.
Yell at me,...
...l faint.
Answer me the questions...
...and drop that fancy lingo, see?
Listen to me.
-Yes, Lieutenant.

ls this your ring?
-Yeah, that's mine.

You got the rest of my stuff?.
-Where did you get it?

How about it? Where did you get it?
l don't know. Crape game
2 or 3 months ago.

lt's all right.
l do well with the dice.
Who from?
Blond Fellow.
With the droopy eyes.
Leggett! Whitey Leggett.
You know we have Leggett
on the Grazia Case.

Who else was in the game?
l don't know.
Tommy Mills, maybe.
-Tommy Mills is dead.

What do you ask me
all this stuff for?

l win a ring, so what's
the difference?

Come in, nurse.
We'll only be a minute.
This ring was stolen
from Mrs. de Grazia.

Not by me.
-With 100,000 dollars more.

Did you read about it?