Cry of the City

Stop the monkey business.
Tell me who she was.

l never saw her before.
Okay, Marty.
But you'll be seeing her again...
...because we're going to find her.
Don't think for a minute we won't.
Come on, Collins.
Here, take this.
-You've got to.

l'd sooner die.
Something heavy here press on me.
Your conscience.
Did you hear those two?
They said l tortured an old lady.
Me, Martin Rome.
You know people.
Do you think l'd do that?

You killed a policeman.
He'd me down. lt was him or me.
You must do something.
Do something for you?
-No, not for me.

This is for a girl, my girl.
No, wait, please.
You heard them. They said
l'd an accomplice, a girl.

l swear to you this girl is innocent.
Then she doesn't have to worry.
-She has, she's a child.

lf they ask her, she won't
know what to do.

Se won't have a chance.
You've got to help me, you've got to.
There's nothing l can do.
-But there is.

Her name is Teena, Teena Riconti.
The cop don't know that.
l tell you because l trust you.

This is her address, 25 Bank Street.
Where did you get the paper?
-Please, just go to her.

Tell her to go away...
-You can't talk me into that.

Just see her, look at her.
You'll know.
l've police permission
to talk to him.

Go ahead.
Hello, Martin. How're you?

We go bowling?
At least your mind's all right.