Cry of the City

You heard them. They said
l'd an accomplice, a girl.

l swear to you this girl is innocent.
Then she doesn't have to worry.
-She has, she's a child.

lf they ask her, she won't
know what to do.

Se won't have a chance.
You've got to help me, you've got to.
There's nothing l can do.
-But there is.

Her name is Teena, Teena Riconti.
The cop don't know that.
l tell you because l trust you.

This is her address, 25 Bank Street.
Where did you get the paper?
-Please, just go to her.

Tell her to go away...
-You can't talk me into that.

Just see her, look at her.
You'll know.
l've police permission
to talk to him.

Go ahead.
Hello, Martin. How're you?

We go bowling?
At least your mind's all right.
...l'm going to defend you.
l think l can get you off.
You talk pretty good.
l think l like this.
How're you going to do it?
There are angles...
McReady's killed a couple
of other men.

l need your complete
confidence though.

Of course.
The D.A. thinks you were in
on the de Grazia case.

Might not be a bad idea to admit it.
That's the angle.
The whole city's on the D.A's
neck over the de Grazia case.

Robbery and murder.
For a confession...
...l think he might make a deal.
Second degree.
-Second degree?

No chair.
lt's not bad.
As long as you're alive.
There's always probation.

Might take time but...