Cry of the City

l had to kill him.
Why you must to kill?
Why? l can't understand.
You Marty, my first.
'll mio bambino piu buono'.
The one who send me money.
The one l pray.

Why you must to kill?
-Mama, don't!

l loved you, more than the rest
of'em. You were my first.

You never told me where
the money comes from.

l didn't ask.
That was my fault.
l knew, in here l knew...
...but l didn't ask.
That was my sin.
-lt's not you, l...

l did it for a girl.
-Sure, Marty.

With you it's always a girl.
Tina is different.
Can't you believe that? l love her.

You don't love her.
You have no feelings for the people.
You only care for Marty.
:50:02 you believe that l love you?
You must believe
that l love this girl.

She is my life.
She's good and she's beautiful.
When a man tells me
that he'll hurt her...

...l must kill him. Understand?

Love l know.
Love that has to come through
killing cannot last.

l tell you...
-l tell you!

l tell you cannot kill!
l tell you you're bad.
-All right.

l did it. So what?
You can't bring a man back to life.
l'm so tired.
l'm so cold and my leg hurts.
l've got to sleep and rest.

l'll get your coat, Marty,...
...the heavy one.
l tell you, l got to sleep here.