La Terra trema: Episodio del mare

That way.
Now this way.
While they work,
the women think of their men...

returning from the sea...
because the family
has always had a boat at sea...

since the days
of the first Valastro.

They think of Grandfather
and their brothers...

and of their father too...
who on one such morning
never returned from sea.

What are you looking at?
Our brothers.
I always think of them out there...

just like I thought of Father...
the day he didn't return.
They'll be back soon.
lucia, fix your hair.
I'll help you put your scarf on.

Remember the picture
we took once in Catania?

Seems like it was just yesterday.
Iook at 'Ntoni
in his sailor's uniform.

There's Cola, and Vanni
wearing his first long pants.

Alfio and Grandfather.
They're all at sea now.
The bitter sea!
Cola, where's Grandfather?
Back at the house.
What are you two doing?

Be careful!
Finish unloading.
I'll run home.

Lowering the sails,
pulling the boats ashore...

rolling up the nets, pulling in
the oars, unloading the fish.

It's been four
backbreaking days at sea.

The tired fishermen
want to sell their catch quickly...

for whatever pittance they'll get
from the wholesalers and boat owners...

and rush home to their families.