La Terra trema: Episodio del mare

who take advantage
of us fishermen.

Giovanni, hold this.
Grandpa means that
when things don't go right...

it's useless to blame others.
But, Grandpa, you have
too much faith in people.

You think others are
as honest as you are.

That's it! We don't care
if they're honest with the others.

I can't stand such shameless greed!
They're getting rich off our backs!
That's how things are:
The wholesalers set the prices
and that's all there is to it.

Only up to a point, Uncle Peppino!
Until you old fellows
are the ones selling the fish...

they will always
take advantage of you.

- Am I right?
- Don't say such things, Bandiera!

You're too good, that's what!
Be quiet.
You talk and talk,
always blaming us old folks.

You go to the dock.
let's see what you can do!

Uncle Peppino, don't be offended.
The energy that young people have...
makes them want to point out
injustice, like St. Thomas did.

So, with Grandpa's permission,
we'll go to the dock in the morning.

I've never seen anything like it:
Youngsters doing
what their elders should do.

Go, then, but watch your back...
because the wholesalers
always come out on top.

To have that satisfaction for once!
Eh, Uncle Vanni?
What do you say?

- It's all right with me.
- And with us too!

For once, everybody agrees!
Count me in too!
And so at dawn
the boats return to Trezza.

But this time it's the young men
who will deal with the wholesalers.