Writing that same dreary column
on how to keep the body beautiful.

- For whom this time?
- An untidy little magazine called Allure.

Thanks, chum.
- Oh, isn't that painting new?
(Brandon) - Yes it is. Do you like it?

- Well, what is it?
- New Young American Primitive.

I have a new young American sister.
She's three
and her stuff is really primitive.

(Janet quietly) - You dirty dog.

(Brandon quietly) - Why?
- Didn't I notice another one in the foyer?

I don't think so. Which?
- I could really strangle you, Brandon.
- What have I done now?

At times, your sense of humour
is a little too malicious, chum.

What are you chattering about?
- Why did you invite Kenneth?
- Well, why not?

You know perfectly well why not.
We called it quits ages ago and I'm
practically engaged to his best friend.

- David?
- Yes, David.

Which makes everything
just ginger-peachy.

I'm terribly sorry, but it is difficult
trying to keep up with your romances.

After me came Kenneth,
and now it's David.

Why the switch
from Kenneth to David, anyway?

- Obviously, I think he's nicer.
- Well, he's certainly richer.

That's a new low even for you, chum.
(Kenneth) - Gave me a 'D' in conduct.
(Phillip) - How's your drink doing?

How many years has it been since I said,
'Oh, it tickles'? And don't you tell me.

- I hear Rupert's coming.
- He was invited, but you never know.

- I hope he does. How is he?
- Who is he?

Rupert Cadell
was our housemaster in prep school.

Housemaster for you three little dears?
Four little dears.
He tried valiantly to teach David, too.

Rupert's a publisher now, isn't he?
Successful? Maybe he can give me a job.
Rupert only publishes books he likes,
usually philosophy.

Oh. Small print, big words, no sales.
- Right.
- Rupert's extremely radical.