Whispering Smith

Oh, Luke, it seems
you're always in trouble.

One of these days, you're
gonna... Don't worry about me.

The important thing is how are
you? Oh, I'm fine, Luke, just fine.

And still got her looks, huh,
Smitty, even if she is falling apart.

Falling apart? You, with your store
teeth and your hair coming out.

Say, Emmy, if you've got a horse, I could eat
half of it. Supper'll be right on the table.

The sooner, the better, on account
of tonight, I gotta see a man...

about a dog.
Put him away, Seagrue.
Say, I was down the south meadow.

We'd better get those cattle out of there tomorrow
Take care of it first thing in the morning.

Hi there, honey!

Oh, Murray,
won't you ever grow up?

If you'll call Luke now, we'll
eat. Luke's gone into town.

What for? He had some crazy
idea he could nail Barton.


Murray, he's in no condition to do that.
That's what I told him, but you know Smitty.

But Barton's dangerous.
He's a killer.

Oh, Murray, why did you let him go? Why?
Anybody'd think Smitty was still in knee britches.

Well, I wouldn't worry about him
if he was all right.

Murray, if anything should happen to
him, we'd never forgive ourselves, never.

All right, honey. If that's the way you
feel about it, I'll drive you into town.

And if you can talk him out of it,
I'll buy you a new hat.

Howdy, Mr. Rebstock. What'll it be? Oh,
I'll take a little of that special...