Whispering Smith

She's a young thing
And cannot leave her mother
You shouldn't have bothered, Emmy. I've
gotta make the most of ya while I got ya.

Ohh, bless you.
Drink your coffee
before it gets cold.

Good morning, Doc.

Hello, Doc.
How are you, Smitty?

Hello, Baggs.
How's that flipper coming along?

Oh, good as new, thanks.
Fine. Fine.

You know, that's four slugs I've dug
out of him. Sort of saving them up.

Bobby, shake hands with Mr.
Smith. Bobby's my grandson.

He's been batching with me out at the
ranch a spell. Oh. Glad to meet you, Bobby.

Say, are you Whispering Smith?
That's what they tell me.

Aw, gee.
Is this your dog?

Yeah. That's Holy Moses.
Hmm. What's he got in his mouth?

Huh? Well.
You oughta take a lesson
from your dog, learn to save your money.

Smitty, we've gotta be
running along. All right, Doc.

So long, Luke.
Bye, Baggs.

Take it easy, boy.
Good-bye, Bobby.

Bye, Mr. Smith.
Come on, Bobby.
We'll try again later.

Hiya, boy.
Good morning, Bill.

You still thinking' about
leaving town today? I think so.

Oh, Bill?
Before I go, there's something I've
been meaning to ask you. What is it?

It isn't easy. It's...
Well, it's about Murray.

Since when's there ever been anything
about Murray that wasn't easy?

- Now, don't get sore.
- I ain't sore. I'm just asking'.

How do you explain his friends? Rebstock,
Du Sang... the Williams Canyon outfit?

Murray's a growed man,
ain't he?

- Or we still gotta pick his playmate?
- Look, Bill. This is your house.

You don't have to listen if
you don't wanna. I'm listening.