Whispering Smith

Bye, Mr. Smith.
Come on, Bobby.
We'll try again later.

Hiya, boy.
Good morning, Bill.

You still thinking' about
leaving town today? I think so.

Oh, Bill?
Before I go, there's something I've
been meaning to ask you. What is it?

It isn't easy. It's...
Well, it's about Murray.

Since when's there ever been anything
about Murray that wasn't easy?

- Now, don't get sore.
- I ain't sore. I'm just asking'.

How do you explain his friends? Rebstock,
Du Sang... the Williams Canyon outfit?

Murray's a growed man,
ain't he?

- Or we still gotta pick his playmate?
- Look, Bill. This is your house.

You don't have to listen if
you don't wanna. I'm listening.

All right. How much do you
figure he makes railroadin'?

I don't know.
I never seen his paycheque.

120 a month,
maybe 200, but not any more.

- What are you getting at?
- His ranch.

How do you figure he can
build up a spread like that?

- Not on what the railroad's paying him.
- Smitty,

I ain't sore and I ain't mad,
but I'm telling ya, see...

Whatever Murray's doin' or ain't doin',
I don't think it's any of your business.

You're wrong, Bill.
He's the best friend I've got, the
greatest guy that ever pulled on a boot.

When I see him heading' for an
open switch, that's my business.

And it's yours too.
Yeah. Yeah,
I guess you're right.

Here. Quit loafing
and get to work.

Well, Smitty, if I don't see
ya... I'll see ya before I leave.

Good-bye, Emmy.